BC Parking Update


Wolf Lot: 4488

Little Bear Lot: 2020

The Wolf and Little Bear Lots are to provide Beaver Creek and Bachelor Gulch employees with a convenient, free place to park while they are working. These lots are intended for on-duty employee use only.

The parking lot team will be monitoring vehicles for stickers and will be calling managers if they suspect someone is parking on a day that they are not working. Parking in the employee lots on a day you are not working could result in your vehicle being booted or towed!


Please park in the Elk or Bear lots if arriving after 1:00pm. Parking is free when arriving after 1:00pm in these lots.The exit gates will be down, so please remember to hold the ticket you pulled when entering to allow for your free exit.

If you have an employee parking sticker & you are an on-duty employee arriving to work before 1pm…

Orange parking stickers are assigned to employees working out of Beaver Creek Village and are needed in order to park in the Wolf lot.

For those of you that work out of Bachelor Gulch and have a light blue sticker, which allows you to park free in the Little Bear lot.

Remember, parking is free when arriving after 1:00pm in the Elk & Bear lots.

If you find that the employee lot is full…
Look for a parking lot staff member (readily identifiable by red uniforms & bright yellow safety vests) or, in some cases, BC Public Safety folks to get a validation ticket to park in the Elk or Bear lots. Parking or safety staff should always be in the employee lot until 1:00 pm every day.

  1. Arrive Early! Lots are filling up fast on peak days and leaving no room for working employees to park.
  2. Locate the Lot Attendant as you are searching for a parking spot.
    If a spot is not available…
  3. Get a voucher from the Lot Attendant BEFORE leaving the employee lot.

When parking does overflow out of the Wolf Lot, attendants will provide validated tickets to allow working employees to park in the Bear or Elk Lots for free. You will need to pull a ticket when entering the Bear or Elk Lot, then insert the ticket pulled when entering the lot when you exit, you can then insert the validated ticket to exit for free. It often helps to think of using the validated ticket just as you would your credit card if you were paying to exit the lot.

The lot attendant may not be stationed directly at the gate because there are other duties to attend to throughout the morning, including keeping track of how many spots are available, thereby avoiding sending folks to Bear or Elk if possible.

If you do not have an employee parking sticker, please see your admin.

Where can I park on my day off?
Employees can purchase a 10-use pass for the Bear and Elk Lots for $50 for parking on their days off. These passes can be purchased at  the BC Village ticket office. Those seeking to purchase a pass should bring their employee ID with them to the ticket office.